Saturday, May 5, 2007

Yokohama Sportsland-Field Athletic Yokohama Tsukushino course

Today we visited Yokohama Sportsland-Field Athletic Tsukushino Course featuring with "Tom Sawyer Adventure" for little kids.

The Yokohama Sportsland provides big obstacle field athletic entertainment courses for kids and adults.

This site provides some interesting information for this Sportsland too.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Updated Code::Blocks to May 1st nightly build

Code::Blocks is still very actively improving.

I updated my CodeBlocks to svn build rev 3915 (nightly build of May 1, 2007).
There are many remarkable improvements with the build recently in April.
  • Windows build is switched to wxWidgets-2.8.3
  • Added Advanced Regular Expression support
  • Added Custom Build command support to Projectfile
  • Improved virtual folder management
  • etc...

The details can be refered here
   Code::Blocks April Month Update News

20th Sagami-gawa Flying Koinobori

Visited the 20th Sagami-gawa Flying Koinobori Children's Day Celebration event on April 29th.
There are about 1,200 Flying carp-shaped flags (Koinobori, 鯉幟, こいのぼり) exhibitted in the event over the Sagami-gawa with 5 wires.
This event is held from April 29th~May 5th beside the Sagami-gawa river at Mitsuzato Tana Takada-bashi(水郷田名高田橋上流).