Tuesday, January 30, 2007


New paint by m.
m is going to take part in an art class soon :-)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

ChanceDaNia - by m

New paint by m.

SEO - Search engine optimization

SEO-Search engine optimization is a set of processes or know-how to improve the visiting number and quality to a web site from search results of natural search engines. It is a subset of search engine marketing.

By giving strong in loop of page-ranking algorithm in natural search engine, this set of processes and know-how increase the page rank, due to the top rank pages got more attentions from users, it can remarkable improve the visiting number and quality for the pages or sites.

Friday, January 26, 2007


(Copy from my space blog of 2006/12/30)



C'. 2x4など省令純耐火構造
があるが、省令準耐火構造 の誤りのようでした:-)。


Ohime-sama!!! Cute Princess (By m, 4 years-old)

Neck of the wood


Softbank Spring models debut

Softbank Mobile press released its spring models on Jan 25 with total 58 in color, 14 models.Utrathin, OneSEG and fashion are 3 themes for these new models.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Story of Google...

Yesterday midnight, there was a very good NHK documentary from NHK channel, a story of the world biggest search company-google.

I felt very much respect to the google book program. Google is scanning the books in libraries - I think google is creating a special digital history as a pioneer. Without use 1 cent money of tax, google is scanning the past information into HDD, this even couldn't be done by countries...

グーグル革命の衝撃 ~あなたの人生を“検索”が変える~

e-xiao blog

Spent some time to create this e-xiao account.
Blogger is a very good start point for blog life, it provides many user friendly features for beginner. I will try to created my owned template by using the flexible customization features of Blogger firstly.
Have to spend more time in front of computer :-) !